Sunday Scrolls: September 3rd

By Kaylea

Sep 3, 2023 | Sunday Scrolls

I always hesitate to say happy long weekend on holidays, because not all of us get to enjoy them, and the people who work them really are the special sauce that make the world go ’round. I have such a renewed appreciation for that as we see different nooks and crannies of the country on this extended family road trip. We are so grateful to spend a sliver with you today sharing ways to incorporate a fresh spin on meals, movement, and mindset for the new season ahead!


I live for a great taco night, especially since we have different dietary selections in our house (omnivore + GF, vegetarian, and vegan/ gluten-free πŸ™‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ). If you’re having a group over for Labor Day, chances are you might have the same. I know it’s more traditionally a bbq event, but how unexpected and fun to do a DIY taco spread. Here’s a vegan recipe idea, and if you’re looking for clean vegan protein options, we really like Plant Boss!


As we turn the page from summer to fall, consider getting out of your comfort zone to explore a new route. Maybe it’s a stroll through a neighboring town, checking out a new-to-you trail (here’s a great resource), even walking the dog a few streets over instead of the same block. Studies show that venturing out to new territory stimulates your brain, boosts creativity, and increases dopamine levels. I can attest to all of the above, and feel so thankful to hold this little hand along the way πŸ™πŸ».

And if you are planning a trip to California, please consider adding Point Lobos State Park to your must-visit list. When we were at the Monterey Aquarium, a wonderful volunteer (hi Bill!) insisted we see Point Lobos and was so emphatic about how majestic it was, he gave us his personal pass to go. It blew me away 😭 and I cried when we left.


I love all of these for different reasons, but THIS was the lesson I needed most this week πŸ™πŸ».


Do you remember playing this when you were a kid? I told Grey about it a while ago but in Texas punch-bug sightings are rare. We have had a lot of fun with this in CA, and slap-vans, too!

This Blue Zone has 1/2 the heart disease rate of America – here’s their soup recipe. I’m a 10/10 fan of this one 😍.

I need to make a new one and fall is the perfect time to do it: How to Make a Vision Boardβ€”And Design the Life of Your Dreams

Are You Actually Eating Enough? 8 Signs You Might Be Underfueling

THIS essay about time and energy was well worth the time spent reading.

Our Well of JOY roadtrip adventures so far. I can’t believe we’re one month in already πŸ₯Ί. It feels like only yesterday and about a year ago at the same time πŸ˜….

How To Keep A Travel Journal For Memories & Mindfulness From A Pro

The history behind the PSL πŸŽƒ

Cutting Screen Time By 30 Minutes A Day May Ease Anxiety & Loneliness

The 7 Wellness Mistakes You Didn’t Realize You’re Making β€” And What To Do Instead

Going to try this with Grey to help him to remember daily tasks. I like that it’s not something that has to go on the fridge or use messy chalk paint πŸ˜…

Our favorite vitamin brand has 20% off for Labor Day if you need a magnesium re-stock like we do!

Have a wondrous (and hopefully long) weekend πŸ’™. I hope you get to spend it in exactly the way you hope, doing things that put gratitude in your heart and re-fill your well in all the ways you need!

Written by Kaylea

Kaylea Nixon is a Certified Wellness Counselor and Certified Health and Nutrition Practitioner who loves sharing practical, purposeful ways to cultivate a life of well-being and joy! When she's not developing fresh anti-inflammatory recipes, or researching new wellness trends; she seeks adventures, experiences and tasty travels with her incredible husband, son, and rescue pup, Gemma.

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