Sunday Scrolls: September 24th

By Kaylea

Sep 24, 2023 | Sunday Scrolls

The meals, movement, and mindset whispers in this edition of Scrolls are my favorites in a long while. And if you’ve got a sweet tooth, we’re pinning a new vegan cinnamon bundt cake that is out of this world! What a treat to share it all with you today!


One of my favorite morning rituals in Sedona is waking up for an early hike to enjoy the sun coming up over those gorgeous red rocks, then heading to Oak Creek Espresso for a little treat. We tried several of their baked goods, but the family favorite by far and away was the vegan + gluten-free cinnamon bundt cake. It is out of this world delicious! Since I can’t find their exact recipe, we are going to enjoy taste-testing our way through recreating it at home, starting with this one 👇🏽.

For GF friends, I’m going to swap the flour in the recipe for a 1:1 homemade oat flour blend. If you use something different with success, please report back!


I had a workout that we planned to share, but then I came across this message and it really gave me pause:

Look at all of the magical sights, sounds, smells and rollercoaster of feelings we’ve been able to take in thanks to this incredible vessel. So what if we set a goal this week to move our body in any way that jolts joy. When we look at it with appreciation in its current form; not lamenting what it used to be, or chastising it for not being better/stronger/ different, we see it through the lens of all the good we’ve been able to experience and all we will continue to do if we protect, nurture and strengthen it 💪🏼.


I am very much into the concept of romanticizing every day and seeing the beauty in the micro moments. It’s easy to do whilst traveling, but the challenge will be continuing the mindset when we’re back to “real life” 💙.


These handmade stoneware colanders are so sweet!

The Sneaky Thing Keeping You From Actually Being Productive

Just ordered this book after reading heaps of fantastic reviews from people I admire greatly.

How to Find Inspiration Everywhere

Absolutely swooning over this design project. This is what my dreams are made of!

Love a breakfast cookie packed with goodness!

Study Shows Cognitive Longevity Depends On These 3 Critical Vitamins

The Fall Equinox Ushers in a Quiet Season of Reflection and Balance—Here’s What To Expect for Your Zodiac Sign

Stylists Warn That Leaving Your Hair Mask in for Too Long Can Cause a Whole Lot More Harm than Good (oh no, I’m guilty of this!)

7 “Healthy” Foods to Skip, According to Dietitians (I can’t recommend the Yuka app enough!)

Reese Witherspoon’s No-Nonsense Friendship Advice

Exactly How Brain Inflammation Affects Your Mental + Physical Health

Tiny joys this week: Sunrise hikes with my favorite guys, and when Grey lost his first top tooth at a rest stop at 4am 😅. I am so thankful for this season of life!!

And leaving you with this:

Have a well + joyful week. It was an absolute delight to see you today!

Written by Kaylea

Kaylea Nixon is a Certified Wellness Counselor and Certified Health and Nutrition Practitioner who loves sharing practical, purposeful ways to cultivate a life of well-being and joy! When she's not developing fresh anti-inflammatory recipes, or researching new wellness trends; she seeks adventures, experiences and tasty travels with her incredible husband, son, and rescue pup, Gemma.

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