Sunday Scrolls: July 16th

By Kaylea

Jul 16, 2023 | Sunday Scrolls

On Friday, Grey saw a sign in the neighborhood for a cardboard boat race event happening Saturday morning. He worked diligently building a mini cardboard boat for the race, only, come to find out (via a Facebook post around dinner time), they were boats you physically got into, and sailed yourself. This kid and his Dad rallied so hard to make magic happen and our Student Driver didn’t sink 😅! Today’s Scrolls has that bottled up weekend JOY sprinkled throughout with a peaches and cream smoothie, a centenarian bursting with sage wisdom we can all add to our days, and the most fun finds of the week!

Next time we’ll go with a more kayak-shaped boat, but this is what they taped together in a few short hours. It was the pizza box paddle for me, except all of the other competitors had actual oars 😆.


This superfood smoothie has been a household favorite this week! I can’t get over all of the wellness benefits of peaches and they are just so scrumptious in the summertime. Here’s what we added to make 4 Peaches and Cream smoothies:

  • 2 mini packages of frozen organic peaches
  • 2 cups of frozen riced cauliflower
  • 2 cups of organic soy milk (super creamy and rich in protein!)
  • 1 T. vanilla
  • 2 scoops Truvani vanilla protein
  • 1 t. maca
  • 1 T. inulin (extra fiber!)


I am in awe of this man and the ethos by which he lives! Look at those muscles (and he’s vegan!) 💪🏼:


I was hoping to share fun family news in Scrolls today, but we have one unexpected hoop to jump through first. I am so grateful to have this community of supportive, kind humans to share a rollercoaster ride with. Which blurb in the slideshow is written just for you this week?


The most aesthetically pleasing park for all ages.

The difference 8.5 hours of sleep can make in your weight loss efforts, according to a new study 🤯.

How Healthy Are Your Social Media Habits? 8 Tips To Upgrade Your Digital Wellness.

I thoroughly enjoyed this short, but impactful newsletter – especially the blurb about what makes a “good day”.

This packable LL Bean jacket looks so chic, is water-resistant and a fantastic price.

I would live for the hikes, but could you do a week with no coffee? Not this girl: 4-Hour Hikes and No Coffee Allowed: What The Ranch Italy Retreat Is Really Like.

This really works to move excess fluid in the body: Exactly How To Do a Lymphatic Drainage Massage at Home.

If you’re starting early on holiday gifts 😅, these make such a great stocking stuffer, girlfriend or teacher gift and they are on super sale right now for a 2-pack.

Alone Time is Key For Your Mental Health—Here’s How to Get It.

Have you been to Michigan? It’s high on our list of places to visit!

This podcast was wildly helpful on all things feeding children/ nutrition/ a balanced approach without guilt.

Black Thumbs, Rejoice: The “Anti-Garden” Era Is Here.

Holistic Health For Pets? One Veterinarian Explains Why Our Pets Are Just Like Us.

We got this bounce house during the pandemic 3 years ago and it’s still going strong. Grey had the idea to blow it up and throw the hose in it…then dragged it over to the pool to take advantage of the slide feature 😆. I’m lapping up all of these summertime moments and soaking in his JOY! I hope you do the same this week and we’d love to hear about your well + joyful nuggets in the comments below!

Written by Kaylea

Kaylea Nixon is a Certified Wellness Counselor and Certified Health and Nutrition Practitioner who loves sharing practical, purposeful ways to cultivate a life of well-being and joy! When she's not developing fresh anti-inflammatory recipes, or researching new wellness trends; she seeks adventures, experiences and tasty travels with her incredible husband, son, and rescue pup, Gemma.

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