Sunday Scrolls: January edition

By Kaylea

Dec 30, 2023 | Blog, Sunday Scrolls

I am writing this feeling a bubbling of hope, excitement, and (you know I have to say it) – JOY. I pray that those sentiments are felt through the screen, and with the intentions, ideas, and motivation you’re about to scroll through. It has been a real gift putting it together and I feel so grateful to step into this new year with you. The first Scrolls of 2024 is setting us up to win on every level – mind, body, and spirit – along with some well-being protocols we’re leaving behind:


Have you heard that lentils are harbingers of prosperity and wealth? That’s why it’s become tradition to serve them after midnight on January 1st to bring luck to you and your family in the coming year. ((I also like them as a quality source of plant-based protein, they’re rich in dietary fiber, support heart health, and are excellent for digestion!)) So here’s what we’re whipping up on New Year’s Day, and if this Warming Red Lentil Sweet Potato Soup isn’t your jam, I know you’ll find a lentil in the rough with 32 Easy Vegan Lentil Recipes.


I had an abundance of excuses to not make a dedicated time to work out the past few months…we were traveling, on the road, flipping a house, homeschooling, working…they went on and on. But the reality is, there will never not be an excuse. There’s always one readily available to us if we choose to go that route. I was waiting for everything else to get done so I wouldn’t feel guilty taking time for me. But when we take time for us, we have more to give to everyone else. And as I know to be true from the (very seldom 😜) colorful vocabulary that is parroted back to me, tiny humans take note of our actions, too. What a blessing to be able to move our bodies in this way! ((An aside, I felt a deeply direct correlation between my peace/anxiety level when I worked out regularly, versus when I didn’t. I am so grateful to have this back in our daily routine!))

If you’re looking for low-impact, high reward workouts, I will always always always be the first to recommend Team Body Project. I love everything about them (we’ve been members for 4 years!) and it is the only workout system that I continually am *excited* to come back to. They offer such variety that you’ll never get bored, a myriad of instructors that specialize in teaching everyone (and all abilities), plus the ethos of the team is one I fully stand behind: progress, not perfection.


I have been curating this slideshow with deep intention for the New Year. A massive YES to all of these, and to asking more questions ((and listening hard for the answers)) in 2024.


Our December Gratitude Photo Diary 🤶🏼

2024 Wellness Trends to Embrace This Year—And a Few to Leave Behind, According to Experts – out of all the “wellness 2024” articles, I loved this take best.

Starting this book today after hearing heaps of praise for it: Building A Non-Anxious Life.

A Nutritional Psychiatrist Shares Her Coveted Anti-Anxiety Grocery List 

This TED Talk on Why Women Need To Get Serious About Strength 💪🏼.

9 Powerful Lifestyle Habits of the World’s Healthiest People

This white button down is beautiful quality, sweet details, and adds a little whimsy.

The power, science, and wildly incredible benefits of gratitude 🥰

I cannot sing from the rooftops high enough for this $11 hero product. A clean, simple, effective fix for all of the skin issues we’ve encountered (acne, scrapes, dermatitis, chapped noses, etc). 10/10!

The 31-Day Nervous System Reset We All Need This January (I need this!)

Nixtamalized Corn Will Soon Stalk up Your Pantry Shelves (and why it’s good news for all of us)

How Does a Walk on a Treadmill Compare to a Walk Outdoors?

I’m on a deep dive into this one – PEMF Is The Health Tech Everyone Will Be Talking About In 2024

If you’re looking for a big kid trick scooter, we got this one for Grey and after 3,961 trips around our living room, he can’t wait to test it out at the skate park!

We’re sharing a bevy of meals, mindfulness, and movement motivation in the month ahead to give you all the tools you need to keep the promises you make to yourself, and craft new practices and protocols that help you live that well + joyful life! we can’t wait to see you back here tomorrow. happy new year, kind friend 💙. I have big, lofty goals for 2024. And knowing I have you in my corner makes me feel like I will achieve them. I know you will, too!

XO, Kaylea

Written by Kaylea

Kaylea Nixon is a Certified Wellness Counselor and Certified Health and Nutrition Practitioner who loves sharing practical, purposeful ways to cultivate a life of well-being and joy! When she's not developing fresh anti-inflammatory recipes, or researching new wellness trends; she seeks adventures, experiences and tasty travels with her incredible husband, son, and rescue pup, Gemma.

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